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Building Lawyers Queensland
Brisbane: 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000...................... Gold Coast: Suite 203 Level 2 Pivitol Point 50 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215
Tel. 07 3036 5233
Fax. 07 3036 5244
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Building & Construction Lawyers QLD
Construction Lawyers

Construction Lawyers

Lawyers Queensland

Building and Construction Lawyers

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Lawyers Qld specialises in Building and Construction Law in Queensland and New South Wales.

Lawyers QLD is focused on providing quality legal advice on Building and Construction Law. We advise on building contracts, problems during construction, defective work and contract termination. We are focused on resolving building disputes efficiently so that owners can move into their new home as quickly as possible and builders receive fair payment for their work.

The firm is dedicated to providing quality personal service. Lawyers QLD is supported by a team of building and construction industry experts including engineers, building surveyors, private certifiers, pest controllers, licensed builders and barristers. Our access to experts allows our clients to obtain quality expert technical advice and provides them with the advantage of being backed by professionals from the Building and Construction industry.

Initial Consultation  

We have a special rate of $295 plus GST for an initial consultation with a lawyer of up to one hour.  

Call Brisbane 07 30365233 or Gold Coast 07 56770533 to book a meeting with a building lawyer, or organise a telephone consultation if you live outside those areas.

Building Disputes and Defective Work

Building contracts may appear straightforward however when problems occur they can become particularly complex. Issues can arise over the building period, quality of work, inclusions, variations, progress payments and certifications. Lawyers Queensland are experienced at resolving building disputes. We have the legal and technical knowledge to help you work through the problem.

Our Goals are to

  • Advise you of your legal rights.

  • Provide you with access to building industry professionals who can fully apprise you of the state of the building work and recommend sensible solutions.

  • Support you with expert witnesses who will appear on your behalf should you find yourself in Court.

  • Help you find the right people to finish your project.

Building Contractors

Building contracts can be very complicated and the amount of money involved can be huge. There are many aspects of the contract that can be overlooked. Not only does the contract relate to the amount of money it must specify exactly what you are getting for your money and how long the project will take. Whether you are a builder or a home owner get advice before you sign a contract not afterwards, when there are problems and it’s too late.

Areas of Practice include:

  • Building Disputes

  • Building Contracts

  • Unfair demands for payment

  • QBSA disciplinary matters

  • QBSA reviews

  • Defective Work

  • Commercial and Consumer Tribunal QLD

  • Commercial, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal of NSW


Lawyers Qld can help you resolve building disputes.


Ph 07 3036 52 33

Fax 07 3036 52 44 or

Gold Coast

Ph 07 5677 05 33

Fax 07 5677 05 34



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